Friday, August 3, 2007

Real mission land

Where is the real mission land?

Anyone who knows? Can you help me, pls… but before that I would just give some of my insight that provoked me to ask a kind of stupid question like this.

I was then in high school when my classmate wrote batch prophesies. All of my batchmates were laughing at me, I don’t know, I don’t care about them, but finding the genuine reason why they laugh at me, perhaps because during the times that my name was about to be called and after a long negative introduction. She said “Wilhelm is now a missionary”, wow! That’s the only reaction that I remember, I was also shock.

Becoming a missionary, why not?

(Suddenly after a long pause)…yeah! It’s really a big challenge to become a missionary, why not? It can be started right now, at this moment by doing your duties extra ordinarily well, also you don’t need to go to a far away land to be a missionary, just look at the people besides you and the people who need most of your help. There’s a saying that “Every people is a missionary and every soul is a mission land”, it’s true but yet the question is, how? Perhaps by the word “love” it may be answer and there may be no question about it. So for these, my challenge is the question that bothered me always, “how to love?”