Monday, October 29, 2007

Connecting to the Filipino Youth

I hope we all know Don Bosco, I hope so. Don Bosco said “Loved what the young love”

In connecting with the youth Don Bosco is very precise as he said it, But the Question is, how to love what the young love? In our culture and country, how do we express our loved to our youth?

In our life, we should love what the young love. Love the young in a sense that you cannot but to see and be with the young people, especially here in our country were most of our population or the dominant are young.

Loving what the young love is not easy, so, let me share with you some hint on how to do it. Some of this is my reflection in our immersion.

First, I hope we have talents, in music, sports and anything that you think it is your talent or you can call a talent even it is not. Of course, young people have also their own talents. Now, use your talent in order to connect to the young. I remember when I was in Don Bosco Pugad, a little boy named Mike love to play Ping-Pong so what I deed is I learned how to loved Ping-Pong even I am not much good about it, but at least I try. We play and suddenly I didn’t expect or noticed that by playing with him we become close to each other. He shares to me about his life, dreams and so on.

So, that’s the first, using the talent in order to connect to the young

Second, be with the young always. Being with the young is like saying you liked to be with them, they are especial to you and you loved them. Fr. Pablo tells us, my companions in Pugad (James, Daniel and Francis), that some boys are shy, so what our group need to do is to first approach them or to be with them. In deed Fr. Pablo is right, when I observed some of the boys playing billiards they felt, I hope so, that they are important to me, that I’m giving my time to them. They ask me to play with them, but I refuse because I observed how they play and they are good as Efren “bata”, so I don’t what to be in trouble.

So again, that’s the second, be with the young always

The third and the last is to love what the young love, you must also loved first yourself. Why? because liked the Latin saying says “Nemo dat qoud non habit” meaning “you cannot give what you don’t have” is like “you cannot loved the young love if you don’t know how to love yourself.”

To conclude this simple reflection, I would like to say; let us continue to be a lover of youth. Let us not forget this learning that I share to you; you can use this whenever you go and whatever path you take. Just remember that loving the young express in sharing or using your talent, be with them always and love yourself. Let us not also disappoint our teacher and father, Don Bosco who says “loved what the young love”

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