Thursday, November 29, 2007

Immaculate Conception (day 1)

Virtue of the day: Purity?

Wow! Horrible, how could that be for a man is weak? But is it hard to do? Anyway at least for it is.
Purity is one of the greatest virtues that our mother Mary gave to us or shows us in order to inspire us to lived life in pure.

I mean it, that I lived the life tainted, because I just a man and as a man I also have weaknesses. I am a sinner, genuine sinner, but do I have hope to be like our mother? I think there is, if Mary the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ lived the life pure without sin, I can also. Mary is a human being and she is not goddess but she lived with virtues, so do I also?

P.S : Kindly pray for!

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