Thursday, November 29, 2007

These days

This past days I’m been busy of so much preparation of the incoming events like dance practice for the Provincial Day this coming Saturday, for the Immaculate Conception Play, for the incoming caroling and so on and so forth, I tell you honesty I wanted to quit already.

Wait do I write it correct? Quit?

No, no, no, it’s a big mistake if I quit because of these pressures. For all the years past by into my life I have a lot of opportunity that I decided to quit on. One of these is in my high school years. During my high school I didn’t realize that if I will not take seriously my subjects I will find it difficult during college and yet that’s exactly what happens. I finding it difficult to coup up to my subjects but I decided to face my consequences because I choose to be like this, I didn’t mean that I’m regretting what I did during my high school, actually I’m thankful because it helps me to realize the importance of what I’m doing in my present, will affect my future and also I learn one great lesson that everything happen connected.

Now, quit? Yes I will quit…not to the pressures!

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