Thursday, November 29, 2007

New career!

Will you believe me if I say that I know how to draw or use the pencil as to express what is in my mind? Maybe not because I didn’t paste/post yet the example but I promise that I will post it…sometimes.

Wait and relax…

Drawing is not my passion but I know how to do it. Ahh ahh! Maybe your thinking that I only know how to, of course all of us know how to draw but there are only some who has the gift to make an “real drawing” (hahahaha)

I discover this talent during my elementary years. My teacher asked me to draw in the black board (or I prefer to call it green board because it’s green) anyway, my teacher asked me to draw our house, and without further ado I stand and draw our simple house and all people inside the classroom was pleased including my hmmm during that years. My teacher told me that I should enrich my skills and join some arts contest, but being a natural low profile I did not take her advised.

After all the years past by, I realize that the having the gift like know how to draw should used because its came from God, and I know that He has His reason why He give me such a gift.

So wait and see…

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