Thursday, February 28, 2008


Last visiting Sunday, well actually it’s not the normal visiting Sunday, it’s a family day and for me it is really unusual visiting Sunday because my parents, sister and my uncle visit me after 2 years. I was touch by their visitation (tulo laway ko), anyway, that is not the point of my blog entry. My point is about detachment of the things that I find unnecessary or I can lived without it.

Before my parent’s visitation, the night before I was thinking and I don’t know what comes to my mind to think about detaching myself to some worldly things – especially cellphone. Actually, I done this already when I detached myself from my MP3, and until now it is successful. I detached myself to my cellphone and para wala ng bawian I ask my sister to bring with her my cellphone!huhuhu T-T

Now, I don’t know if until when is my detachment to my cellphone, because honesty I realize that I can lived without it, but I can’t lived without news or communication to my family and a part of it to my friends.

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