Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sino ako?

Well, I’m 18 years old already but asking my self by the simple question “who am I?” I can’t answer and as if my mind wants to runaway in order to escape this question.
Last immersion (sorry I forgot the date) I was assigned to Pugad in Makati. First I feel afraid for I don’t know what life is waiting for me there, but after an hour of staying there I feel somehow comfortable in a way that I am able to adopt easily. The time goes by, and after dinner Fr. Pablo asks us (my group) about our identity.

What identity?
Yes…identity in 5 sentences! (I challenge you to write also your identity in five sentences)

“Identity in five sentences…ok! Fine, Its part of my life here” I said to my self, before I wrote my five identities which turn Into 1 sentence only!
The reason may be, why Fr. Pablo chose only 5 sentences in order to write our identity is for us to think in a best way, the best words, personalities, characteristics and so on and so fort that will identify us easily.

Well, enough, and now without further ado this is my identity!

I, Wilhelm Labanan Orozco SINNERS and yet LOVE by God.

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