Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Egg sa Theater Arts

First I would like to greet everybody a “HAPPY EASTER”.

It’s been part of our culture that during Easter we celebrate it with eggs! Know why? I don’t know either… and I don’t care.

(taglish na nga lang ako… so that I can explain this clearly)

It was preparation for the Easter vigil when I heard the news from Jessa.

“whil!.. nakita mo na ba? (Also the title of our recent play and the final requirement for the Theater Arts class)”

“alin dun?” I asked her without even thinking, because I’m doing something

“The grade”

“Yeah! What about the grade?” now, I answer with care for I got a hint of what happen.

“tingnan mo na lang sa Pastoral Bulletin Board”

So, I move with confidence pa! But after I’ve seen the result! The whole world as if falls down to me…

“Whatta!!!” muntik na akong mapamura “putik naman to’h oh’!”

Yeah! Guess what happened!?... Yuppp! I failed, ayyy no… the more accurate to say is we failed!!! It’s really an advance Easter egg for us student of Theater Arts (ENL 213)! I got 0 ay no, we got 0, as if I didn’t do anything to the subject… hayyyy! And guess what is the consequences for us to regain our grade?... ok! This nothing to do with you, I presuppose! Secret na yun…masyadong madugo!!!

Anyway, the good part of this Easter egg sa Theater Arts ay ang itlog kapag tumagal ay nagkakaroon ng bunga or tamang sabihin nating sisiw! Sisiw man ay may buhay pa din…and like the Easter Season the resurrection of our Lord is the icon of new life. New life in a sense that there is new beginning and hope… yun mga Easter egg ko… ammm! Hintayin ko na lang na magkaroon ng sisiw! Ang taong naghihintay ay pinagpapala, but of course naghihintay with action! Kaso may problema! Sa init ng ulo ko! I boiled my Easter egg, kaya nagbugok ba’h! nagging pinoy na s’ya… hehe panu yan!? Wala ng sisiw!!!...

Mabuhay ang Contra Leo!

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