Saturday, June 30, 2007



First I would like to define farm in my own perspective,
Farm for me is a place of solitude; it was there that I learn to be with myself to think of such a purpose why I do this or that. I also learned in the farm some tactics of planting and even talking with the pigs. Because of being alone working there I would say, that being solitude you can do great things like talking to the pigs.
Kidding aside, I learned there the value of what we call real work. That’s why I am proud to say that I am fortunate for having been given the chance to work there, and now after finishing my term there as a farm worker, I would say that I reap already the things that I plant there.

Thank you for the opportunity to work there.


bong said...

hello farmer in the dell, hy is it that all the coconut and palm trees in our farm have many marks on their trunks? is it because of the bolos used in hitting them? tsk, tsk, tsk, i could only guess but the only reason for the sems to vent their emotions on the trees is because of . . . . . . =) yup! you guessed it right folks =)

whil_05 said...

yeah maybe, your right kuya bong!hehehe but if you! we surpass it! you know who I'm talking about...


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