Saturday, June 30, 2007

Why Do I Write?

I write because I learned how to write, I was born to write and it would be inadequate in my part if I would not try to utilize this ability of mine, anyway this reason is just a simple reason why do I write. Let me share some of my reflections to this matter.

The history of such development of this “writer part” of me started in the year 1989; well actually that was the year of my birth. That year, I was just an innocent little boy ignorant of the world and all its demands. But this ignorance was somehow lessened by a person dear to my heart, a person in which I owe my life to, my very own mother. It was her who taught me how to write. first my name and then our address until I learn how to write on my own. It was her who inspired me to pursue this part of me.

I still remember it clearly, when I was in kinder, my mother taught me this art of writing. Back then, I really don’t understand what she was doing and the purpose of all of it, all I know was that I need to do it.

Years passed and now, I am still writing. But this time, I was led into writing the reason, the very heart of why I am writing. Actually, this posed a really big question in my mind. What is really my reason why I write? As I was pondering on this mater, I was able to discover what it is my driving force for writing, and you know what, it was actually very simple. As a human, I have emotions, I have feelings which need to be expressed, and as I see it fit, one of the best way to release them in a positive way and enriching manner it through writing.

Well, that my rationale in the question "why do i write?"

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Fr. Joel, SDB said...

Good reflection, although the main reason for your writing seems just an appendix to the history of your being a writer. It should have been the kernel of your entire reflection on the topic. Try to have a more in-depth study of grammar, in particular on the topic of prepositions. Do not make your sentences too long winded to avoid confusion of ideas. Shorter sentences are more potent. God bless.